Success in April, what does that mean to you!  We just started a new month and quarter.  Things are starting to bloom- how will you bloom this month?  In business?  In your health?  Relationships? Spiritually? Financially?  You can make a big list, but start with just one item.

What one project or activity has been on your list for what seems like forever?   Use the spring cleaning energy to get it going, moved forward, done.  Resolve to be in a position to stamp “success” on that project when you reach the end of the month.  (or before)  How do you do it?  How do you get it done? 

When working with a client today, we started with what seemed like an overwhelming “thing” to figure out.  We took paper and pen and broke it down.  Soon all of the answers we were looking for were clicking in.  Start this way and see the clear steps you can take to realize your success.  Another client was feeling overwhelmed by all she had to do since she had arrived back from vacation- the spirit of vacation already a distant memory.  We got out paper and pen and made a list.  Instantly it crystallized what was priority and she was able to focus and regain her control. 

These are what I call magical tools- paper and pen!  Not complicated, it just takes a little of your time and focus.  It can also help to have someone asking you great questions.  You can also ask them to yourself!