I have the pleasure of coaching many unconventional clients.  An unconventional person in my world is defined as a person who thinks out of the box, a person who sees things that others may not see. 

It is pretty cool to be unconventional.  If you are interested, you can be unconventional, too.  Just be willing to do the following:

Offer those seemingly off the wall thoughts/ideas you have at meetings you are attending.

Keep offering ideas even when others do not always get them.  The unconventional person knows that their ideas may not be readily understood by others who think more conventionally.

Be bold in applying fresh ways of doing things in your own life.

Do what the crowd isn’t- on purpose.

My unconventional clients are bursting with new ways of doing things and willing to trust themselves to go for it and fail, and go for it and win!  Perseverance is many times the number one value/strength of my unconventional clients.  This keeps them going even when they are misunderstood, not understood or things look tough.

Being unconventional is fun!  I am one, too, so I can vouch for the fact.  Maybe you are unconventional, too?

**The source of my information/thoughts comes from the many Hartman Values Profile Thinking Styles Assessments I have done with my clients over the years.  This profile is the first step in the coaching journey with Your Year of Transformation.