The half way point in the year may be even more exciting than the beginning of the new year.  This is because even though the year has begun, even half way through- we have the perfect time to re-assess and get back on course, or change course- further determining what our year will look like in the end.  Every year I write this same kind of post at mid year. I talk with my clients about mid year and for business people we also look at how the numbers are stacking up to see if they are on track.

This year I am thinking more about passion and action.  It occurs to me more and more that what each one of us wants is out there for us to get it- if we know someone or can think of someone who has done what we want to do then we know it can be done. But the truth has never been more true- no one is going to do it for us.

The question is are you settling and if so, where is that coming from?  A couple of weeks ago my daughter asked me what she had to do to have enough money to buy all of the things she wants and to travel to all of the places she wants to go. I plainly explained that you start where you are, get your first job, educate yourself, create something, whatever it is the main thing is that you will put in time and hard work.  Then she asks me the best question of the year “isn’t there any other way?”

She was serious.

Sure we hear of other ways all of the time.  Some people will spend and waste their precious lives waiting for those things to pan out.  Think people who play the lottery religiously or think Prince Charming. These people have given away their power. As well as their present and future. Remember that Vince Lombardi saying- “Hope is not a strategy.”

Is it hard to change your mindset and your actions and habits?- probably. Is it worth it?- definitely!

No one can decide, but you.

Let go of critiquing and controlling what other people are doing in their lives. Put all of that energy into creating your own amazing life. The one you always dreamed about having.

Ask yourself some real questions. (or hire a coach to do the asking!)

How are you doing this year on a scale from 1-10?  What would make it a 10?

Who do you need to spend more time with?  Less time with?

What have you learned in the first half of the year?

What do you still need to learn?  How will you make it happen?

What stories are you telling yourself about why you can’t create the life you want?

What obstacles got in the way and what is your plan to avoid or deal with them when they arise again?

What habits do you need to let go of?  take on?  What ‘s your plan for that?

Which of your new year goals are still important?  Which will you let go of? Do you still know what your goals were?

How often do you look at your goals?

What new goals would you like to take on?

Who do I want to /need to connect with?  Who can help me?

What are you most passionate about right now?

What are you the most grateful for right now?


Answer these questions and even create some of your own. Find a quiet and uplifting place to have a mini retreat= giving yourself some time to really think about these answers and to plan your second half of the year!

Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time to do this.  Do it. And check in with your plan daily, weekly, quarterly and at the end of the year. Make it happen!