Everywhere you look you can find something about happiness- it’s a real thing right now- quotes, books, podcasts, etc.  I personally love all of the information out there, and am especially appreciating the science backing it all up.  I love the conversation and I love to learn more.  When it all boils down, though, it all seems like a lot of common sense.

Most of the time we can be our own worst enemies- a huge block to happiness.  We say yes when we mean no- or vice versa.  We short change ourselves, missing out on opportunities. We play it safe instead of risking when we have little to lose and much to gain.

I like a thought I heard recently on one of Rob Bell’s podcasts (the RobCast) which went something like this:  when we create our lives, we take part in the ongoing creation of the world.  Sometimes, he says, when we really go for it, it’s like taking a risk so big we feel like we fell down a flight of stairs on ice skates. We may have the most to gain.  Even if we fall, we moved forward.

For the month of August maybe you could play around with what is.  Who you are.  Shake things up a bit.

These are some things that can be happiness boosters, in August try one – or several-out.

-If your days are very structured, try loosening a piece of it.  Or plan a “loose” day once a week where you just go with the flow.

-If your days are very loose, try adding in a bit up structure- a predictable part of the day that you repeat every day this month.

-Find out what your strengths are (www.viacharacter.org) and ask yourself:

-How do I naturally use these strengths?

-How could I use the top 5 intentionally to bring more happiness into my life? (operating within your strengths is one of the biggest happiness boosters there is!)

-Stop focusing on what is not good or right about you and your life and focus instead on what is.  I challenge you to write a list of all of the things that are good about you, that you are good at and that you have done well with in your life.  Keep it handy to refer to on those down days that happen occasionally.

-Create your team- make a list of everyone who supports you in your life from your best friend to the dry cleaner. Your team is there for you. It’s great to remind yourself that you have your “peeps”- or your glam squad- which I kind of like the sounds of!

-A belief in something greater than yourself is pretty crucial, in my opinion, to highest levels of happiness.  If you get stuck on what the point of life is, and being upset at not knowing the answers as to why we are hear and what your purpose is, you will put yourself on the path moving steadily downhill away from happiness. If being stuck in this thinking is habitual- get some help. It’s no way to live a happy life. We might all wonder at the marvel of existence from time to time- it’s getting stuck on the wondering that will do you in.  God, spirit, the Universe, Source, etc.

-Make sure that your words and actions match. I’ll leave it at that.

-Be intentional about what you say to and about yourself.  Yourself is listening.  Your voice is the greatest salesperson to your brain, it’s most loyal customer.  Whatever your voice says your brain believes and buys it no questions asked.

-Work to allow less choices- make decision making easier by narrowing choices and being able to say to yourself, I have enough information.  Be okay with making the best choice as far as you can tell, and knowing that not choosing is also a choice. Choosing always moves you forward. It will always lead to the next thing even if it wasn’t the “right” thing.

-Lastly, for this post, start a gratitude journal and record some things in it every morning and/or night.  Our thoughts determine our happiness and this is a great way to train our minds to focus on what is good.

Leave a comment below or on Facebook sharing what you are taking on in August.  Enjoy raising your happiness level, creating more, living on purpose, connecting at a higher level.

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