The 100 Day Challenge, Day 29:

Happy Leap Day!  Just another day that is proof that 2012 is not just any old ordinary year!  I have talked to so many men and women this year that feel that way, too.  There seems to be something in the air, the energy that was ushered in with this new year that has got people ready to finally take action on their goals and dreams- both for themselves and the world.

Just as I dedicated February 2012 to Love, I am dedicating March to Mindset- Mindset March!  I will be highlighting books, interviews, thoughts, ideas and anything else that inspires me about mindset.  Mindset is the foundation of all.  (see yesterday’s post about your thoughts).  Having a strong mindset is essential to creating what you want in your life.

Some mindset killers are negative news, papers, stories and shows that highlight other people’s bad luck and violence.  Other mindset killers are poor health and stamina, not following your plan (or not having one in the first place), focusing on what is not right or perfect, hanging around with negative and unsupportive people, living with extremes, taking offense to things that happen, being jealous, procrastinating.  These are just some of them!  As you can see, we are put face to face with possible mindset killers at every turn.

What can we do about it?  We need to be on purpose about boosting our mindset every chance we get!  (and then some!) Cleaning up your environment- physical, mental, people, reading and listening to positive, inspirational and motivational material each day, having a plan and reading it, following it each day, learning from mistakes and quickly moving forward, getting used to self discipline and self denial so that you can avoid making those choices that cause you to want to beat up on yourself later.  Learning how to relax and calm your mind by sitting quietly is a real booster, as is learning about and taking part in activities that you enjoy that lead to greater health physically.  Spending time in nature and other beautiful settings that uplift you are key mindset boosters that can be woven into your day/week.

You will start to see that most of the boosters are things we must choose and do on and with purpose.  Mindset killers are very often things that we are allowing by virtue of non action, or not thinking.  Or by habit.

Start to look at the times when you notice your mindset going down hill to see if you notice any patterns.  Learn from these.

The best way to get a sharp mindset?  The best way I know is to practice, practice, practice!  If you get off track, notice why it happened, learn from it and move on.  Always keep focused on what is already good and working and more of that will be sure to transpire!!