The 100 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 28:

One of the best emails I receive everyday is from and it is my own personal note from the Universe.  Consider signing up to get your own personal Note From the Universe everyday- it will empower you and make you smile!  Those of you who are reading this and already get your note are smiling just thinking about it, I know you are!

Mike Dooley, his brother and Mom created several years ago and I was introduced to the website by a friend.  I have since listened to Mike’s seminars and read his books, and continue to, as they fit my category of daily listening and reading in the motivational, uplifting and inspirational  area.  Mike has three words that he uses together very frequently and those are:  “Thoughts become things.”  he goes on to say “choose the right ones.”  If you just start to monitor your thoughts with the simple- “thoughts become things”, you can start to see which thoughts you want to allow yourself to keep thinking and which ones you want to ditch- and fast!!  You can also notice the thoughts you have and compare those to what is happening right now in your life.

I learned a long time ago from Abraham Hicks that what you are thinking about most of the time, is what will materialize in your life.  It doesn’t mean that we never have a negative, unproductive or unsupportive thought.  It means that when we do, we replace it quickly with a positive, productive or supportive thought.  Spending more time thinking about what we do want than what we don’t or how things are not already perfect.  Start to shift the balance- on purpose.

It’s all about awareness.