The 100 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 27:

I heard a great saying today from author (and much more) Kevin Trudeau- “You can only build a building as high as the foundation it is built on can support it.” and this is true of ourselves and our own aspirations.  If we want to reach high, achieve great things in our lives we must start with a strong foundation.

Assess your current foundation with these questions:

1. How is my physical health?  Am I super fit?  Do I have high levels of stamina?

2. How’s my mental health?  Do I have a positive outlook and do I live my day with the feeling of positive expectation?

3.  Do I fill my brain daily with positive, uplifting, motivational reading and audio?

4.  Do I grow my connection with my Higher Power each day?

5.  Am I willing and striving to learn new things each day?

6.  Do I welcome change?

7.  Do I surround myself with positive, supportive people?

After writing down your answers to these questions, ask yourself- for each answer- what could I do to strengthen this part of my foundation?  Write those things down.  Everyone can strengthen their foundations, some areas may already be strong, but there are always ways to move to a stronger place.  The more you strengthen each area, the more you expand your capacity to take on more in your life.  Expand your capabilities, your creativity, your opportunities….

Your foundation is everything.  If you have felt on shaky ground, the first place to check is your foundation.  Strengthening your foundation will expand everything you want in your life in limitless ways!  How will you go to work on yours starting today?