The 100 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 31:

Getting outside in nature is one of the best things that you can do to lift a slacking mindset!  Since it is the weekend, I wanted to throw out this mindset challenge – both Saturday and Sunday find something to do for at least 30 minutes outside.  Take a walk or hike, snowshoe, ski on snow, or water, if you are someplace warm!  Take a run, skate, skip, hop, swim….

My favorite mindset lifter is to to take a walk, run, hike to a favorite spot near our house. The view is incredible and my reward for getting there is a short sit in the peaceful setting.  I can just feel my energy building.  On the way back to my car I always come up with the greatest ideas, too.  I think that getting outside, rain or shine, clears the cobwebs and makes way for those mental break throughs.  (What favorite spots do you have?  Or do you want to go in search of one?)

Getting outside when stuck on a challenge, or searching for new thoughts and ideas is sure to help you shift things.

And I haven’t even mentioned the perk of endorphins if you move fast enough!

I remember when we had our Border Collie, Fido, who passed away almost four years ago.  He had so much energy, I walked him twice a day for over 13 years (under threat of a destroyed house) heat wave, sub zero temps, rain, shine, snow, ice, hail- it didn’t matter, we were out in all kinds of weather.  What I learned from that was that there was beauty in every kind of weather, and that it was possible to get out no matter what- there were no excuses in Fido’s world.  And we don’t have to have any excuses, either.

So, get outside and reap the rewards- maybe you’ll even get out there today?!