The 100 Day Challenge, Day 32:

During Mindset March I am thinking a lot about what keeps a person (me, included!) excited, positive and feeling good.  As I make lists of these different things, one of them pops out at me and that is dreams.  BIG dreams.  Having some is a good thing!  Having big dreams in the areas of things I want to do, be and have keep you excited and moving forward,  they keep you off the couch!  (your couch in front of your tv- where life passes by)

Many of you reading this already have big dreams and are big thinkers.  My question for you is – are these clearly written out, are you reading them each day and are you breaking them down into actions each day?  Do you have a plan for achieving these big dreams?  Defining your dreams are half the battle- or more.  If you are stuck on what you want to do, be, have then spend a little time in your local book store in the magazine section.  There is a magazine about just about everything and this will spur your thinking on and inspire you.

In his book Put Your Dreams to the Test,  John Maxwell says that a genuine dream is a picture and blueprint of a person’s purpose and potential.  There are four main reasons why people have trouble identifying their dreams: others have discouraged them, they are hindered by past disappointments and hurts, they get in the habit of settling for average, and they lack confidence.  Any one of these may be true, or they all may be true.

I am honored to be a one of the founding members of John Maxwell’s team of coaches, speakers and facilitators.  One of the mastermind classes I have coming up is the Put Your Dreams to the Test 8 part mastermind.  It will take place on the phone in one hour increments, so you can join in wherever you are in the world!  Contact me for more information.  When you decide to spend the eight sessions thinking about this subject, I think you will see your dreams start to crystallize and your vision begin to be clearer than ever before.  That means your dreams are closer than ever before!  How does that sound?

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