The 100 Day Challenge, Day 77:

One of the things that I have had to work the hardest on is not being offended by the actions of others.  It is hard work if you are a sensitive person (something that makes me a great coach, but can trip me up at other times) and get your feelings hurt easily.

Here’s what I have learned- being offended serves no one.  Not you, not the other person.  Here’s what else I have learned:

-Most of the time people don’t even know that they are saying or doing something offensive.

-People don’t mean to hurt or harm you.

-The thing you are offended about is usually a little too close to the truth, or at least you think in the back of your mind it might be.  And you don’t like it.

-Most of the people who might offend you, don’t know you enough to even be qualified to offend you.

-They usually don’t mean it the way you took it.

-It is just pure ego that allows you to feel offended.  Pride comes in here, too.  Getting your ego out of the way is key.

-Staying in “I’m Offended” mode will cause you to make stupid decisions and take poorly thought through actions.

-When you allow yourself to be offended you let “it” have power over you.

-If you are truly offended, you need to tell the person how you are feeling and clear the air- so that you can let go of it and move on.

-OR you just consider what might be true, who the source is, learn what you can, and just move on!

No matter what, moving on- and fast!- is the important factor in dealing with offense.  The longer you stay offended, the more other people you will push away with your “story”, the more joy you miss, the more negativity you will attract.  It’s a choice that you make.