The 100 Day Challenge, Day 76:

Responsibility:  Reliability or dependability…..

How many times do you make a promise you don’t keep?  Did you automatically think I meant to other people?  How about the promises you make to yourself,  how good are you about keeping those?  Do the things you promise yourself keep getting bumped for more “urgent” matters, or while waiting for the perfect time or circumstances?

We have to have a strong circle of others who are there for us, supporting us, to have the most joyful life possible.  BUT FIRST you must be there for yourself and you must support yourself.  If you don’t show that something is important to you by your words and actions, even the best of friends sure isn’t going to believe it.  Or support you in it.

YOU are the only one you can truly depend upon to take the actions in your best interest. YOU are the only one who can show the world by your actions what you are serious about and what deserves support.  YOU must rely on yourself to get what you want out of life.  When you get fully determined and take full responsibility for what you want, then your friends and the whole world can join your band wagon.

Where do you need to step up to greater thoughts, words and actions to support yourself in gaining the greatest life you can imagine?  How about the greatest career or business you can imagine?  What have you been leaving to chance or waiting for others to do.

I know someone who has been waiting for at least 45 years for something big to happen, and for someone to come along and gift them with everything they every wanted.  Yet year after year, the excuses continue for not taking the actions necessary to get there.  I can see a lot of regret lining up there.  There is a lot of unhappiness, too.

Doesn’t it sound like more fun to have a bandwagon?!