The 100 Day Challenge, Day 75:

I am thinking about setting and reaching big goals as I hit the 3/4 mark today on my 100 Day Blogging Challenge!

Question for you:  Do you have a lofty goal?  Something big that you have thought about for a long time, but you keep shelving because it seems too big?

If so, this week, pick one action to take that will say to you- this is important to me and I am going to do it!  Do you need to contact someone for information?  Sign up for a class?  Read or re-read a certain book?  Do you need to take some planning time and put it into your schedule?   Whatever you do, it will re-ignite the energy that will move you toward reaching your big goal.

Decide on the action, put it into your schedule- right now!  It’s important!

Reverence means looking up to something and holding it in a high level of importance.  This is how you should view your lofty goal.  Other things, less important , go by the wayside because this is important.  Are you giving reverence to your lofty goal?  Or do you let everything else distract you from it?  Something to think about today.