The 100 day Challenge, Day 17:

I am so lucky, I have the best clients!  Today they reminded me of so many great thoughts, I wanted to share a few of them as we all head into the weekend!  They can give us all something to think about over the next couple of days.  You decide what they mean to you, comment if you would like to discuss further, and make a plan to take action the what’s important to you.


*Getting focused on what is most important and spending time on those things, leads to a joyful life.

*Confidence goes up when you do what you committed to yourself to do.  This means promises you made to yourself, that you, yourself, benefit from.

*You get what you look for.  What you expect- good or bad- materializes in your life.

*When you do what is hard and what you resist/do not want to do, huge rewards are yours.

*You don’t ask, you don’t get.  and along with this, ask and you have a much better chance of getting than if you don’t ask!


Have a great weekend!