The 100 Day Challenge, Day 18:

One of my themes for this year is resourcefulness and being resourceful is on my list daily.  I have found myself on a treadmill in past years, all with very good reason, always looking for more new information, new stuff, etc.  Without getting into the why’s of this- why it happened, how I developed my habits, etc.  I want to share some thoughts with you.  Just to note, I have looked at this extensively and although painful at times, I encourage anyone to take the time to look into your past and notice the patterns, not to beat yourself up, but to learn something so that you can make positive changes that make sense and know why you are making them.  I sit hear today without judging myself about my past with regards to resourcefulness, but it took a bit of time to get here.

The main part of my resourcefulness for this year centers around money.  I love to buy books, magazines and clothes (in that order), but I do not NEED any more of any of those things.  Just for this year, I am diverting my resources to in a larger way paying off the debt I took on to start my business.  Because of my shift in attention, I see that in my library, I have everything I want to read- so many of my books never having been read.  I notice many times when someone mentions a book to read, I already have it.  I love magazines, but I decided to pare down to the ones that make the most difference in my life each month.  I tend to hold on to magazines because there is so much great information in each of the ones I read, so being resourceful I have started to pull out what is most important and to pass along or recycle.  I am starting to notice which ones I read right away and which ones I keep and never get to.  I have plenty of clothes.  This year being resourceful actually means wearing what I already have, and I have already put together some new combinations that I had not created before with what I already have, and I am even surprised to say that I have found things in my closet that I forgot about!  I will get a few new things throughout the year, but this year I have personal rules for that.

I am looking to be resourceful in all areas of my life.  Time and fun with kids, collaborating with others in business, using my networks and training more fully instead of taking more new classes, even pulling out the old exercise programs I have bought in the past and have been collecting some dust over the past few years.  Being resourceful with food- which also brings creativity.  So, yes, one of the main assets of this resourcefulness quest for 2012 that I notice already is that it is expanding my capacity for creativity in a BIG way!  A side benefit I had not anticipated.

While this may seem like common sense for some, and I like to pride myself on have excellent common sense, I share this with you so that you may look into the areas of your life and see where you may not be fully utilizing your resources.  Where is this holding you back from realizing your dreams at the next level?  I share this to show you that we all develop habits and ways of living and most of it becomes unconscious, instead of mindful, after a while.

If  examining this interests you, write out these areas on a piece of paper and list your resources in each and then write how you are using your recourses in a positive way in each area, and how you could become more resourceful in each area.  This is a fun and enlightening exercise that can spring board many new ideas and help you to regain a lot of lost energy.








Lastly, think about areas and ways in which you might be a greater resource for those around you, just to add another whole dimension to this!  Happy thinking!