This week in my YouTube video I shared an idea, a twist in mindset for planning your week. The idea is to view your week ahead like you’re planning a trip- creating an itinerary. I love this idea- it really feels fun! Check it out!

Here on the blog I wanted to get a little more specific with the idea. As I always like to say, sketch out your plan on Sunday for the week ahead.

If you were going on vacation, you would be planning specific things to do, exact times to be there and you might even have to buy tickets ahead of time. You also might ask for help in orchestrating things. Who’s help do you want this week? What will you schedule in to your week that uplifts you? What day trips will you take? What would you like to learn and where would you go to learn it?

Who will you meet up with? On our recent trip to Paris we were excited to find that friends would also be there at the same time. In our itinerary for the week we planned to meet up for dinner. It was a true highlight of our trip.

What are your essentials for the week? What is one special thing you will do this week that is not essential, but will add to the enjoyment of your life?

Like all the insanely and beautifully curated museums we visited- how will you curate your week? Get out your planner now ad create your itinerary for the week ahead and have fun being creative. Start a list of possible excursions, road trips, visits, and adventures- big and small- so that you can look at it each Sunday for ideas.

This is just another way to look at how to create the life you love the most, by creating the weeks that add up to your months that add up to your years and your life. Take an active interest in creating your life, rather than having life happen to you by default.

By taking the time to set your itinerary you also simplify your choices and intentions as life and the week roll on. This amplifies the goodness, taking much less time and energy as you have planned it ahead of time. Just make sure to leave time for rest and regeneration, and so open time to welcome spontaneous ideas, as well. Simplify to amplify.

The photo this week is one I took in the Tulieries, outside of the Louvre.