Does it work for you?

In pursuit of living our best lives, it is important to stop and think- often. Pen and paper in hand, comfy chair or pretty view- maybe both. Take the time every week to work on knowing yourself, being still and letting those great ideas come up that don’t see the light of day on a … Continued

Finishing the year strong: a year of practicing presence.

Presence was my word for 2023. I learned a lot of things practicing presence, living presence out each day,  when I remembered to! Each instance. when I remembered to. The biggest thing I learned is that presence will be a lifelong pursuit. It can be learned and helped with tools. It can be practiced and … Continued

And sometimes we back out.

Sometimes when I write these blog posts I have facts and science to back me up. Not today. This blog post is pure opinion! Though, maybe somewhere there are facts and research to back me up, I have not done that research myself. What prompted this topic for me was thinking about last week’s post … Continued

You Can Design Your Life

Designing your life. I have been attracted to this concept since I heard about it in my early 20’s. Life design. Life by design.You’ve probably heard this said- how you live your days is how you live your life. If you want to enjoy your life more, if you want to experience more in life, … Continued

Angles of Acceptance

As we wrap up the year and reflect on what has happened within our lives in the pst 12 months an important word may come to light. Using the word acceptance as a filter can help us to see what is important and can steer us toward what will be authentic, meaningful and welcomed in … Continued

You don’t have to have it all figured out!

Making decisions can be so difficult. I am an over thinking by nature and it was only getting worse as I got older.  I took more chances, was more bold in my earlier years, before having kids especially and before challenging life circumstances shook me to my core. If I did make decisions after that, … Continued

What’s so great about being grateful?

I wanted to cap off this year’s gratitude immersion month with a lot of interesting information to entice you to keep going with your personal gratitude practice, or to expand what you are already doing. I use the VIA Character Strengths assessment (via extensively in my coaching practice. One of the 24 strengths is … Continued

Self Gratitude

Gratitude month continues and we really take off this week with my annual gratitude challenge When it comes to gratitude, the biggest challenge I see for people is when I ask them to write gratitudes about themselves. So this week, you have full permission to have all the gratitude for yourself! Make a dedicated list … Continued

Sprightly and Radiant

What do sprightly and radiant have to do with gratitude? As it turns out in my world this week, a whole bunch! This week’s message about gratitude will focus on telling other’s when you are grateful for them, both in the moment and also as a practice. Seize the opportunities that happen in the moment … Continued

November Immersion in Gratitude

Naturally, November is the month I equate to gratitude. Is this true for you, too? The holidays and celebrating growing up is a part of it, but in my adult years it has really expanded due to my habit of stating my review of the current year and planning for the next in November. The … Continued