I wanted to cap off this year’s gratitude immersion month with a lot of interesting information to entice you to keep going with your personal gratitude practice, or to expand what you are already doing.

I use the VIA Character Strengths assessment (via character.org) extensively in my coaching practice. One of the 24 strengths is gratitude. Just thinking about gratitude as a strength tells you how important cultivating it is for each of us. The VIA people say that gratitude is one of the tops strengths to have, use and strengthen in order to live a happy and meaningful life.

I’m sold.

There are so many other reported benefits, as well. These include-

-Improved sleep quality.

-Improved emotional regulation and mental strength.

-Increased resilience.

-Enhanced empathy and reduced aggression.

-Reduced stress, burnout.

-Improved self esteem.

-Expanded strength of hope.

-Increased feelings of happiness with even one expression of gratitude.

-Work enjoyment and fulfillment.

-Improved physical and psychological health.

Grateful people are more likely to take care of themselves and to appreciate other people’s accomplishments. They show a reduction in toxic emotions like judgement, envy, resentment, frustration and more.

I encourage you to do your own research and study into the possible benefits to creating a consistent gratitude practice. There is so much more. The investment of your time is small, and the results are big!

I hope that you have enjoyed delving into gratitude this month and that it will have a lasting positive impact on your life.