What’s so great about being grateful?

I wanted to cap off this year’s gratitude immersion month with a lot of interesting information to entice you to keep going with your personal gratitude practice, or to expand what you are already doing. I use the VIA Character Strengths assessment (via character.org) extensively in my coaching practice. One of the 24 strengths is … Continued

Self Gratitude

Gratitude month continues and we really take off this week with my annual gratitude challenge When it comes to gratitude, the biggest challenge I see for people is when I ask them to write gratitudes about themselves. So this week, you have full permission to have all the gratitude for yourself! Make a dedicated list … Continued

Sprightly and Radiant

What do sprightly and radiant have to do with gratitude? As it turns out in my world this week, a whole bunch! This week’s message about gratitude will focus on telling other’s when you are grateful for them, both in the moment and also as a practice. Seize the opportunities that happen in the moment … Continued

The Gratitude Challenge 2021!

Gratitude challenge week is here! One of my favorite weeks of the whole year! Here’s how the challenge works- It takes place during the week of Thanksgiving. Get a notebook or journal and a pen full of ink! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you write 25 things each day that you are grateful for. Thursday, … Continued

Thanksbeing, A Way of Life

This is my last post for November 2020 and my last chance to write the word that has been my theme all month long: Thanksbeing. As I have deeply thought about being thankful and grateful alternated with focus on just being- stillness, pausing, thoughtfulness, mindfulness- this week I am putting it all together. What I … Continued

It’s Gratitude Challenge 2020 Time!

I was teaching a class on the Character Strength of Zest today- something that is hard to come by these days. Zest is described as approaching life with excitement and energy, not doing things halfway or halfheartedly, living life as an adventure and feeling alive and activated. “Zestiness” may not be your natural state of … Continued