This is my last post for November 2020 and my last chance to write the word that has been my theme all month long:


As I have deeply thought about being thankful and grateful alternated with focus on just being- stillness, pausing, thoughtfulness, mindfulness- this week I am putting it all together.

What I notice is when I spend a month on a theme and work with it daily, I make a change within myself. My mindset and my perspective.

As I have been doing my grand finale- The Gratitude Challenge (see last week’s post)- this past week I notice that my list is flowing even better than year’s prior. I think I set myself up for this by putting my antenna up about what there is to be grateful for more than ever, and taking time to pause and think all month long.

If you have been with me on the challenge, thank you for joining in! It is powerful, no matter how many things you write down. And as I always say, this is one journal I never mind someone reading! I use the same journal for the challenge year after year and it is so exciting to see what I have written before.

If you didn’t already, take the time to write¬†why¬†you are grateful for at least a few of the things on each list. This expanded gratitude practice enhances all of the benefits I mentioned in last week’s post- all of the benefits you receive when you engage in this activity focused on gratitude.

If you did some, consider doing a few more this week to keep it going. This is how thanksbeing becomes a way of life. It becomes a habit and soon affects your thinking- how you view things in your world.

All of this will only make your December 2020 (and forward) better, richer, despite what is going on in the world. Take a deep breath, December 2020 awaits- get ready for the end of this year- don’t wish it away because how you finish is how you start and you want to make the most of 2021, I know you do!