One of my favorite shows to watch is The Amazing Race. The current season has been interesting to watch- more than usual- because it was filmed back in 2018! No masks! Crowds! It was jarring to me to see it and to realize that we have a new normal. It was the same way I felt the first time I left home in the spring to drive downtown and saw everyone who was walking around wearing a mask.

What I love about the Amazing Race is watching how the participants strategize, how they work together, how they deal with uncertainty and all of the obstacles that come up. I love seeing them celebrate the beauty experienced along the way and their wins as well as how they deal with defeats.  I love traveling around the world with Phil, et al. When I think about the Amazing Race, it looks a lot like 2020.

2020 has been nothing short of an adventure. On an adventure there is excitement, there are let downs and there are times of all outright fright. There are celebrations and times of grieving. We have all been on an adventure this year. YOU have been on an adventure. You didn’t choose it, but you’ve been on it nonetheless. An amazing race- 2020.

You may not have chosen the adventure so far this year, but right this minute you have a choice. For the rest of the year you can decide to accept the adventure and be on purpose for the rest of the year. Your own amazing race.

That is what I have decided to do. Some days will be uneventful, and then others will have challenges, uncertainty and unexpected happenings. I am going to be in the mindset of wonder. The wonder of what will unfold next. I will endeavor to stay present so that I can meet each day’s happenings with positive vibes and that sense of adventure. It seems like a great way to make the most of all that I can not control by using what I can control more than anything- my mindset, thoughts and actions I take.

I invite you to join me! Join me and see how you can make the most of the last of 2020. How might you make yourself proud? How might you positively impact others? What might you learn? How might you enjoy your life, even in the midst of this challenging time, at a higher level.

One last thing to journal about, or think about- what does your race look like? What kind of race are you running?  Is it a stroll, is it a sprint, is it a marathon? Are you running away from something, or toward something?

Or maybe it’s a game instead of a race that you are running. Whatever it is, what is amazing about it? What can you celebrate about it?

Maybe you are post race, regenerating yourself for whatever comes next, processing all that has happened this year.

Let’s together make the best of this month ahead. Stay with me through my newsletter, this blog, my videos, my Countdown 21 to 2021 on Facebook starting December 11 and my annual free “Last Call” on December 31!

Let’s make it count!