Own Your Pace

Own Your Pace! This phrase has meant a lot to me- ever since I heard it earlier in the week. There is so much going on in the world right now, pace is everything. There can be a lot of frenzied energy and there can be a lot of hurry up and wait. There can … Continued

Where Attention Goes

This is something I have heard time and time again, you may have heard it, too. Not only have I heard it, I have seen it play out in my life and in the lives of those around me. Where attention goes, energy flows. What that means to me is that whatever I am paying … Continued

You Don’t Have to Hurry

This is something I am getting used to. Not having to hurry. First, working from home for the past 5 weeks, and then being on staycation this week, it has been a loop that has a stubborn hold on me. Not having to drive anywhere, not necessarily having to get dressed up and even completely … Continued

What Bob Taught Me

What About Bob? is one of my favorite funny movies! Released in 1991, it is #44 on Bravo’s top 100 list of funniest movies. I think putting a lot of humor into our lives right now is VERY important- that is why I convinced my family to watch this movie the other night. Although Bob … Continued

It’s Time (again) for a Fresh Start

As I write, I am thinking about Easter weekend and some of the meanings of Easter- both religious and symbolic in other ways. If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of a fresh start, blank slate, and New Years Day! In a spiritual sense, … Continued

The Ultimate Pattern Interrupt

There is a concept that comes from Neuro Linguistic programming called the pattern interrupt. Simply put, is a way of changing a person’s mental, emotional, or behavioral state or strategy. Developing the skill set for creating a pattern interrupt can help you learn new behaviors that lead you powerfully forward toward living a more intentional, passion-filled … Continued

Opportunity in a Time of Crisis

I have been spending my week filling my head with good information.  Not about the C-Virus, but about positive, uplifting ideas and thoughts that can not only help me to weather the storm, but to thrive and flourish in it.  I am determined to come out of this thing better than when I went in. … Continued

Applying the Best of Who You Are

I love this quote from The Universe (aka Mike Dooley): “It is simply a matter of applying who you are to what you now face. That’s all that matters.” It speaks to me on so many levels.  It supposes that who you are is plenty enough to do good in this time, to have the … Continued

Do You Have To?

Given these times of uncertainty, it seems like a good time to also look at our beliefs.  One way to do that is to look at the words we use to express ourselves. Our language and the words we use can give us a lot of clues about what we think and believe deep down. … Continued