As I got up this morning I kept thinking as I did each thing..

This is the last time I will make my bed in 2020.

This is the last time I will do my morning brush teeth, wash up routine in 2020.

This is the last cycle class I will take in 2020.

You get the idea- somehow thinking that made it more fun and meaningful.

This is the last time that dogs will beg for my breakfast in 2020- hey! It’s my last breakfast of 2020! My last cup of coffee….

And then I started thinking again about having the best last day of this year. It’s the only last day, so make it a good one is my attitude. I already had one person say good riddance to 2020 to me this morning. If you’re inclined to feel and speak the same, this one last day could turn it around if you want it to.

Make this last day the best. Make this the memorable day that caps off what then turns into a year that you can remember something good about. It is a CHOICE. Up to you.

For those of you who are already with me, I know you’re busy creating a great day! High five. Even something as simple as making your bed, cleaning up clutter and taking the piled up dry cleaning in (did that yesterday) can make you feel accomplished.

Bottom line, as it always is, it is about YOU feeling GOOD. From that place and space all of the good stuff is possible.

I hope you choose to splurge on yourself- whether with time or money- it doesn’t have to be a lot- just what might you not normally do for yourself. I hope you take time to breathe and count your blessings because you are still here on this last day of a very tough year and for that, you get a lot of credit!

BUT I can’t make you. I wish I could. I would try, but I am knee deep in my practice of realizing what I can control and what I can’t. Acceptance.

But I still HOPE you choose to create the best day possible for yourself today from wherever you are, however that looks for you- I hope you do it for you and then it it will affect everyone who’s path you cross virtually or in person in a positive way. With your words and actions.

What a way to end the year GREAT, no matter what you called the rest of the year.

There is still time to join my end of the year call that I guarantee will help you create a great day!

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