It’s here, we made it! Although I have so much gratitude for 2020, I feel a shift and have so much positivity around the opportunity and possibility of 2021!

How did you end your last day? Hopefully you are feeling well today! Either way, you now have an opportunity to set the tone for the year to come.

What will the best first day you can create contain? What would your ideal day look like, that is within your control? You might have already realized that nothing has really changed in the outward world since yesterday. What can shift and change is in you.

What is your favorite thing to do that is logistically possible? For instance, I might put on my list to attend a Broadway show, but since Broadway is shut down, I won’t be doing that. HOWEVER… there are dvd’s of shows in our closet and there are online options for watching shows, so that is how I can make it happen.

Today, I started with my solid routine of meditation and writing. I will doing workout with The Class that I love, and I will get outside for a walk. AND in true New Year’s Day tradition, I will watch several episodes of the Twilight Zone on the Sci-fy channels yearly marathon- in memory of my Dad who I used to watch it with. A strange sounding thing for new years day, I know, but it is tradition and makes me feel happy. I ENJOY it.

I also get to enjoy my yearly tradition of contributing to the WCAX evening news on New Year’s Day. This year it will be done by Zoom instead of in the studio. The current new normal. So it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It’s just new.

And that is what this day is about for me. ENJOYing it. I haven’t for sure decided on my theme for 2021 yet, but one thing I do know that will be central is more enjoying. Everything. Being mindful and present and finding the enjoyment in moments by being intentional and looking for it.

What routines and traditions do you have for this day? What did you used to have that went by the wayside that you could revive? What new ones would you like to begin?

Give yourself a little time (or a lot) to think about these things and to do some writing. Create your best first day and set the tone for your year to come!