It’s here! 2021!!  After 21 straight days of blogging to finish 2020, I took a break and now I am back and ready to create an awesome year, along with you! If you are with me….let’s begin!

We are already half way through the month of January, what is this year feeling like to you?  Are you getting the feel for it yet?  I have really changed my tune over the last year or so regarding being hard and fast about having my next year’s plan finished before the previous year ends.

What I believe now is that it is good to start to formulate ideas about the year ahead, but especially good to reflect on the year that is finishing- looking for the goodness, lessons, memories and giving myself credit for what I did accomplish. That comes first. Then turning my attention to the things I had wanted to accomplish, but did not.

Are they still important? Valid? Need tweaking?

And what did I learn from all of that?  What were my favorite happenings, experiences and opportunities of the past year?

It has become much more important to me to take full stock of the past year, deeply and fully, before moving on to the year to come.  I treat January as liminal space between one year finishing, and the next one beginning. (see my blog post from a few weeks back where I write about liminal space and the value of it.)

In January, I start formulating my goals at the start of the month and continue to work with them and tweak them all month long. I choose a work to guide my year- I will unveil mine next week!- and create plans that encompass the spirit or that word. I give myself time to sit with proposed goals and plans to see how I feel about them day to day. Some say that February 1st is the energetic new year, and that fits for me.

By February 1 I have a plan that I feel good about and proceed from there. I have a great plan that helps me to follow through on my goals all year long- if you would like to receive the description of my process, just email me-

This doesn’t mean I am locked in- in fact while I consistently work with my plan throughout the days, months and years, through reflection (like the kind I do at the end of the year) I am able to constantly evaluate the validity of my goals. I am free to change them at any time.

Lastly, if you did set goals already- how are you doing?  Consider this a mid month check in. If you are on track- keep going! If you are off track already- just hop back on! Let this be the year that you don’t stop. That you don’t judge or criticize yourself. It is NORMAL to get off track! The only mistake is not getting back on track as soon as possible. No matter what- beginning again is available to you EVERYDAY!

You may have noticed, the calendar changed, but most outer circumstances haven’t.

Here’s to you creating your best year ever, despite outside circumstances- reaching deep into the well of YOU and knowing that you have everything you need within yourself already.

There is so much more to come this year- I am so glad that you are with me! Happy 2021!!

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