It’s an interesting story how I came to choose my one word to guide my 2021. I love words so I have fun every year with this endeavor.

Over the holidays our daughter was at home and she decided to spend some time on One of the people she reminded me of was my grandfather on my father’s side. A man I never knew. His name was Vital. And there are some pretty crazy stories about him. I knew about him and I knew his name, but had long ago put him out of my thoughts.

Hearing his name again sparked me. I immediately decided- that is going to be my word! And I went to do the next thing I always do- look up the definition.

There were two and they were absolutely perfect- and cinched my decision on word choice.

The first one was – absolutely necessary or important, essential.  Well I am almost finished with a book called Essentialism and I wrote a blog post not long ago about what is necessary, what matters? So this is something that has already been coming up for me. I am really looking closely to discern what is necessary in my own life. 2020 helped to make this much more clear and I am continuing in 2021 with this exploration.

I will use the word vital as a measurement for everything I am doing this year. It will help me to make decisions, especially when I am deciding what to say yes to and what to commit my time to.

The second definition I saw was- full of energy; lively.

Hello?!  If you have been following along with me for any amount of time, it is probably clear that energy and all of the ways we can cultivate it is something that is very important to me! I love the word lively added on- I can also use this word to measure my degree of enthusiasm and to check in on my energy level in any given moment.

Ready to set your word? I hope that this has inspired you. I will check in throughout the year to let you know how using and living by my word is serving me in creating a great 2021!