Here we are, already at the end of January. How’s the year going for you? Have you got the feel for the “tone” of your year yet?

(BTW-Did you pick a word or theme for you year? Just checking in on that!)

Did you notice that the calendar has changed to 2021, some things have changed in the world, but over all nothing much has changed yet in our day to day outer experience.

It is still true, the only thing you really have any control over is what goes on inside of you.

Your thoughts, mindsets, attitudes, choices, decisions, and then the actions you take.

It’s time to get determined. Dig those heels in on your own behalf.

What do you really want this year to be about? What do you want out of this year.

Last year my theme was adventure. I had a plan- and it was adventurous- for me anyway! Well, what happened in reality was nothing like the adventure I had planned! Yet 2020 was one of the biggest adventures I have ever been on! Maybe it was for you, too?

I am liking the word determined today because when you are determined you don’t stop looking for a way to create or do something. You get curious, you try things, you keep going.

What is it that you want to get determined about, right now, once and for all?

Making a decision is the first step. Then create your vision- write it out- what does it look like when you reach it? Then list all of the things that you think will have to happen along the way, and all of the actions you will take.

Hang this up. Look at it every morning- at least. Every month plan what you will do. Every Sunday get actions into your schedule for the coming week that move you in the direction of what you are wanting to create.

When you take consistent action- regardless of conditions, momentum starts. Things start to happen that you aren’t controlling and energy and happenings conspire to help you get to your destination.

The trick is to be determined. Some weeks or even months, it will seem that nothing is happening. You have to keep going- because it is going to happen. But not if you stop.

Ask yourself: what does being determined mean to me? And how is that different than how I have been behaving? Start with that. Write it out. Think it out. Take a walk and mull it over- the answers will come.

You have the right to have your best year ever- you just have to give yourself permission.