I wrote a book!

In 2020 my goal was to spend time in NYC once a month to write a book. I even joined a co-working space and bought tickets for each month during the JetBlue sale. It was going to happen!

I went in January and it was awesome! It was exactly what I had hoped it would be. In February a big snowstorm canceled my trip. And we all know what happened in March, so that plan was off!

By mid summer I felt restless to somehow still reach a goal of writing a book and publishing it in 2020. Writing the other book with a full house of people and dogs wasn’t working for me.

The Successful Coach’s Business Development and Planning Calendar, without a real name, had been on my goals list for quite a long time. I hired a coach to hold me accountable and created its reality!

It was quite a process and I certainly learned a whole lot! I even had several opportunities for personal development when things did not go as planned, on time and we missed my outside published date wish by over a month. So the book was published in 2021 and not 2020, after all. One of the things I am pretty good at and always perfecting is reframing things. I needed help from a few people to keep my mindset straight, learning even more lessons about what I can control and what I can not.

And in the end, there is a book!

Why was it important to create this book? I love teaching coaches to build their businesses and I use a process year in and year out to help myself to consistently create a thriving business. It is tried and true and tested year in and year out, by me! I added helpful resources to the planner format and when someone uses the book consistently themselves they will create momentum and stay on the track they choose to reach their goals.

Coaches are usually coaches because they have a drive to help others create their best life or business or both- they have great ideas. Keeping those ideas organized, making decisions and taking action to bring them to life takes a structured process. This book provides that structure!

One unexpected things has happened, although I might have expected it. People other than coaches are purchasing and using the book to guide their own businesses. It is easily adaptable and applicable for anyone building their business.

It’s exciting! I have also created a private Facebook page where I am doing free trainings and answering questions for anyone who purchases and is using the book! I hope to see you there!

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