I chose the photo that goes with this post because I took it this past week. It reminds me of a time that I felt very lively. Being outside in the beauty of nature is one of my most lively things I can do in my life. It never fails to energize me and that is what liveliness is all about- energy.

Some of the definitions of lively are- briskly alert and energetic, vigorous, animated. Also, active, intense and full of force, movement. I like these- brilliant and fresh, imparting spirit or vivacity, stimulating, quick to rebound, resilient. It could be a place or atmosphere full of activity and excitement. Active and outgoing.

How, based on these definitions, do you rate your life on the liveliness scale 1-10?

Using any and all of the words and meanings about the word lively, think about what your lively life plan could be.

What things when you do them make you feel any of these definitions? Go through one by one and ask yourself how you do already and can express these in your life.

In your planning for your months and weeks, start to activate your lively life plan into your life, something each day.

Create your liveliness plan! Put it into action. Stoke that fire within, add some life to your life!