About a year ago- aka another lifetime ago– I posted this on my Facebook page:

What did you used to love to do that you know longer do?

I received a landslide of responses! I had expected good engagement, but this was over the top. And really heartfelt, too. As people thought about the question and answered, I could feel their nostalgic emotions.

Though I didn’t ask them to think about this, many began to make pledges to get back to these things that they used to love to do. Some lamented their physical ability to do what they used to love. Some had regrets.

As we think about the work lively this month, and the shorter word within- LIVE– we can bring to mind the very things that make us feel alive. Those might be in your Lively Life Plan, if you read last week’s blog post and made one. This might mean bringing something you left behind- for whatever reason- back into your life.

What is that thing for you? (or those things?)

Take some time to consider what, then how you happened to leave it behind, what the feasibility of bringing it back would be- if that is not possible, what part of it might be, or what is similar?, what would you have to do in order to get into action around this?

Most importantly:

How do you imagine you will feel when you are re-engaged with this activity?

You know, WRITE this down- pen and paper. Work it out. Your life is calling to you.