Nope, it’s not what you think!

Remember, my word for February is LIVELY!

Lively depends upon energy and if you go back to the previous few weeks posts, you will read more on how to do it and even how to write a Lively Life Plan.

TREATS are another facet on the road to living a full, happy, meaningful and life that is full of …….life!

Treating yourself takes on many forms- different for all and you know best what treats mean to you. Or if you don’t already know, you can choose to be on the journey to find out.

I am only going to list off some ideas to get you rolling, but truly, take the time to realize or remember what makes you the most excited- aka what fills you with positive energy.

I had a client who loved books and she would put books in her online cart on Monday and on Friday she could buy the books if she met her objectives for the week. So it can be tied to something like a reward.

Or you can just have a weekly treat– just because (I like this one!).

Some of the things people have told me they consider treats to themselves are:

Flowers, a special food (like my chocolate covered strawberries in the photo attached!) that you wouldn’t always have, a drive somewhere, a date with yourself, an activity, time with someone special. It could be something big that you have saved for like jewelry. A long walk, a yoga or other workout class, a new item of clothing, a mini retreat, a massage, facial or other type of “spa” treatment, extra rest like a nap, perfume or other products for health and body/skincare, a tarot or astrology reading, a silent day with no phone.

My favorite treats are mostly food related- sometimes on Sundays I plan out where I will go to on what day to get a coffee or muffin or special smoothie of some sort- they all usually involve a short drive. When the weather gets warmer I like to plan a longer drive to a destination for some kind of something yummy! It also gets me a meaningful chunk of time to listen to whatever book I have going on audible at the time which is also a real treat to me. Getting a massage certainly ranks right up there, too!

These are ideas just to get you started! 

There is a concept in positive psychology which speaks of having things to look forward to. Planning out some treats, scattered over the weeks and months giving you something uplifting to think about that may make a more challenging day easier to deal with.

What are you willing to do to treat yourself this week? What will you do, when will you do it? Put it into your calendar now and then follow through! Let me know what you do so that I can be inspired by you, too!