This is where I have been so far this year- hunkered in, resting, restoring, thinking (times 1000), planning, more resting, reading, writing and allowing space to just be.

As the calendar turned over to March, I felt a shift. Not a 180, but a shift moving in a new direction. Like I am almost done with this period- not quite, but almost- moving more toward action. Toward expansion of where I am and where I have been.

I have not lost traction, I have actually been moving forward in this time, preparing for the next level- whatever that may bring me. I have plans and I am also open to what is unfolding, within me and in my life. I have learned a lot over this past year about myself and my mindset and thoughts in particular. I am learning to make them a better friend than ever.

So this month my word is EXPANSION. I am ready to expand into more of the space I have created and to expand the goals I wrote on January first as they already mean something different. I am ready to expand into more action- bit by bit- and by the end of the month, as we reach the threshold of spring, I will be in full, mindful action.

So, what I am doing first with my theme of expansion is to look at my list of 21 for 2021- the top things I wanted to do, experience, start, finish, move forward, create, etc- and to expand them. I have had a good start on almost all of them, and find my mindset in this state of expansion where I am thinking bigger- and other meaning of expansion to me, mindset wise. How do these 21 want to expand.

If you wrote goals for 2021, how might you expand your goals now? Or what in your life is ready for expansion? There are no right or wrong answers, we are all in different places in life. What is inspiring you right now? What might you expand in your study of that, or participation, or growth?

Have some fun thinking about expansion this week and we fully move into March, the last month of the first quarter of 2021! Make the most of it!

Remember I am here to support you and I believe in you.