Expansion– it’s my theme for the month of March.

I have written about thinking big before and it’s coming up for me now. With maybe a little slant. The word expansion makes me think about thinking bigger, so does coming out of the closed in feeling of winter into spring. Like I have been hibernating for the past few months, storing up energy, percolating on ideas old and new. Maybe you are feeling this in some way, too.

I do not feel completely ready to take big action, but I am starting to think about what these actions might be and what I might create in the next quarter- the percolating is happening, but the pot is starting to boil instead of just simmering.

The current energy is encouraging thinking big- and even making stuff up! Think of all of things people have done (it might even be you) in the past year that they would have never considered. Think about all of the new ways things are being done and reimagined. The door is wide open for you to recreate, reinvent or even just do a quick refresh of what you are doing in the world- personally and professionally.

Thinking big does not have to be drastic- it is just what is big for you. If you wrote goals at the start of the year, look back at them now with fresh eyes. What could you make bigger in a big way, or in a small way, but bigger! Challenge yourself here. When we challenge ourselves we get more confident. We learn more and that brings in aliveness which connects back to my word for the year- VITAL. Living your best live, not shortchanging yourself in any area.

Where are you ready to play bigger? Start by thinking bigger now and working up to the playing as we move further into March and into the second quarter.

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