When I think about expansion (my word for this month) one of the things I consider is taking up more space.

(Please read the last two posts for more on expansion in your life)

Many of us have dealt with challenging situations in our lives.  If these have been at all around being rejected, made to feel less than, difficult feedback (especially not delivered kindly) or you have dealt with failures that you didn’t gain from, you just felt the loss and ended it there, you might have allowed yourself to shrink back. Maybe you stopped daring to step out and play big. Maybe you lost belief in yourself, stopped giving yourself credit for what is good about you, stopped recognizing fully what you are capable of?

This blog post is a call to come back to yourself, reign yourself back in. Pull in the learning you can gain now looking back at all of those times that caused you to shrink yourself. What can you learn from those situations that is helpful to you. Write the situations out on paper- shred, flush, burn (safely!) and let them go.

KEEP the lessons. What were you supposed to learn from these instances and how can those lessons strengthen you now?

Pulling yourself back together, looking for what is meaningful about those challenges, and letting the rest go puts you in the position of being you, authentically you again and this is the starting line.

From this place, what would you like to expand in your life?  Where have you been shrinking and you are now ready to move toward blooming?

Consider these areas of life:









Where would you like to take up more space? Where are you CALLED to take up more space? What does the real you want?

You’ve heard all of the cliches about life being too short, and they are always true. There is never a time better suited to living your best, fullest life than now.

What is stopping you? What fears are getting in your way? What would you REALLY like in your life? What is the first step, big or small, you can take today to move in that direction.

Life IS too short for you not to be fully you. Take up more space, be heard, be seen, however it looks to you.

Take full breaths, stand up straight and look yourself in the eye. Then take out a paper and pen and start writing- use this post to get you started.

What would it take for you to say NO MORE EXCUSES, no matter how good they are?!