You, Taking Up Space

When I think about expansion (my word for this month) one of the things I consider is taking up more space. (Please read the last two posts for more on expansion in your life) Many of us have dealt with challenging situations in our lives.  If these have been at all around being rejected, made … Continued

Countdown 21 to 2021: Day 9 Specialize In You

What one or two things do you need to be really good at?  What couple of things do you want to be good at? Where are you spending time getting better at something that doesn’t hold great interest for you? Sometimes we try to be everything to everyone and even for ourselves. AND there are … Continued

The Right Yes

August is all about the YES in my world, and if you choose to follow along, you may never look at your “yeses” quite the same way again! I am also on month two of building resilience. When you say the right yeses for you, your resilience will build as you create more energy in your … Continued