Authenticity is something I have written about here in the past. I am feeling the spirit of summer (again/still!) and the idea of letting things go, shedding things and getting back to the necessities is speaking to me right now.

What is necessary? Know that for yourself is important. What is necessary- for YOU?

If you haven’t taken a check in in a while, I encourage you to do so. Re-discovering who you are right now.

This week, take some time with pen and paper to ask yourself a few questions and write down your answers. These are a few to get you started, but please add your own to the list. What is still missing? What else is there about you? Taking this inventory once a year can really help you to stay on track with what is vital to you and your happiness.

-What are your strengths? How do they show? How could you use them more?

-What is your favorite part of the week?

-What is your favorite meal?

-Favorite books to read?

-Favorite hobbies?

-Favorite people to spend time with?

-Favorite part of the work you do in the world?

-How do I positively impact the world?

-What is my favorite music these days? What do I like to listen to while I drive?

-What are my daily routines and habits?

-What about me is quirky?

What else would you like to recognize about the current you?

This is a list to continue to add to always. The trick is to think about how to weave in the things that make you most you all week long. Including spending time thinking about how you are you and want to be you! Have fun with this in the weeks ahead! Just be you!