You may have heard the quote “progress, not perfection.” Or I like to say “progress over perfection.” The idea is that doing something is going to be more beneficial than waiting for a time when it seems like everything is perfect. Or that you can, yourself, be perfect.

It rarely happens, if ever. Humans are not perfect. I am not sure what the definition of perfect would even be- as we are all so different. We each have a different version of perfect given our experiences, upbringing, mindsets, set points and wiring.

In the summertime I like to focus on lightening things up. Yet, I still like to feel like I am moving forward.

Intentional progress is my answer. It is July. I am thinking about taking little steps, maybe even one once in a while, to keep myself moving forward. I am not looking for big leaps right now, nor do I want to slide backward. In any area of life.

I have been taught throughout my adult life that there is no such thing as maintenance– there is either moving forward or moving backward. I have shared this a few times in these blog pages. The idea is that it is not the size of the actions you are taking, but that you are taking some to keep forward momentum.

As you plan for the week ahead, think about the areas of your life- social, learning, family, health, spiritual, business, financial, mindset, community, for instance. What would progress look like to you in these areas? What is one small step you could take or re-take to keep yourself moving forward?

It is a great feeling to be making progress. Allow yourself to stop and feel it. That might be progress for you!

A couple of VERY important thoughts when it comes to progress. You MUST make time to measure your progress. For this you need to set up some benchmarks by recording where you are at each day or setting a goal into the future and checking in each week to see how you have moved toward it. Checking on your progress, or lack thereof, encourages you or helps to readjust your plans.

And most importantly- it allows you to celebrate your progress! Celebrating is the MOST important– to give yourself credit for what you have done- without being hard on yourself or thinking it is not good enough. Celebrating all progress is necessary and healthy. So please make time for it.

To practice- look at your goals for the year so far and write down the progress you have made in all ways. Take time to really let yourself feel the good feelings that making progress creates!