How about a great talk on cleanliness? What comes to your mind when you read that?

Taking a shower?

It is true, that is one kind of cleanliness- and an important one, too!

I want to give you something to think about as you head into August and you might even decide to create a new initiative for yourself over the next few weeks. Something more about cleanliness than what you might traditionally be thinking about day to day.

Let’s start with time.

Cleaning up your schedule, planning your time including the number of things you say yes to.


Align your words and actions. Use less words, be more clear and concise. Clean up misunderstandings.


Think your home, your office, your desk, and even your car. (clean and neat environments soothe, relax and energize you while clutter sneakily steals your energy.)


This is mind body and spirit. Mediation. Exercise that causes you to become present in your body. Cleaning out stuck energy, creating flow within your brain and body. And yes, keeping your physical self clean is important for many reasons.

Which area calls to you the most? What one thing could you do to work toward cleanliness in that area? What’s the first thing to do? When will you do it? 

Go ahead and put it into your schedule right now and make a list of the next 5 steps you will take as you move forward.

What else does cleanliness mean to you?