I decided that September would be personal reinvention month for me and then I started thinking maybe I would share the idea with you and maybe you would like to join me!

I have taken a lot of time away from working in the past month. I made a list of things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go and books I wanted to read. It has been interesting, and with space and different environments fresh ideas have come up.

This is my second year taking this time- a personal reinvention that started last year.

This year, I am thinking about how I want to redesign my weekly and daily schedules. For those of you who work 9-5 this would mean reinvention of the bookends of your day, maybe. Or how you divide up your working hours.

That is just a little bit about what I am up to, now lets’ turn our attention to you.. What would you like to reinvent? Here are a few ideas, but everything is fair game- big or small. One thing or many. I suggest starting with one thing and noticing how that impacts everything else in your life.

-Your schedule

-Adding a new activity or habit

-Letting go of or replacing a habit that isn’t serving you

-Starting to plan daily, exercise, eating, reading…..

-Learning something new

-Trying something new

-Carving out time and experimenting with solitude, or doing some things alone

I did a lot of that last one in the past few weeks. These ideas are a springboard for you and I would love to hear what you reinvent!

Reinvention is important because whether in business or life, reinvention adds more life to the system. In this case the system is your LIFE. I believe that purposeful life reinvention done consistently can lead to more vibrance and vitality in your life. It can lead you to live your best life in ways you haven’t yet imagined.

What would put more LIFE in your life?

What is important about it?

What if you don’t do it?

Reinvention has three primary components I will share today (there are a few more for another time!) and all three are important to your success- anticipate what you will want to change- designing change- and the all important implementing it! And keep implementing, keep experimenting and use whatever happens to inform your next actions.

If you subscribe to my newsletter at KimberlyDuBrul.com,  each week in September I am including a worksheet to  guide you and help you stick to your reinvention goals.

I will put a plug in here for coaching– a coach can help you to strategize your plan and keep you on track by asking you great questions and holding you accountable. If you don’t have a great coach to work with- go find one!

For now…

Think big, experiment and enjoy the process.