I want to get this out of the way first, so that your mind can be clear to take in this message. Yes, there are times when not following through is the right thing to do. Yes, I am all for you listening to yourself and taking care of yourself. Yes, I am all for you not being unnecessarily hard on yourself.

But, today I am speaking about all of those OTHER times- the times when we just don’t feel like it. My past mentor Mike Ferry used to say over and over again- “put your body in motion and your mind will follow.” 90% of the work we need to do to get us going is mental. Mindset will make or break us.

Think of a time when you had said you would do something, you didn’t feel like it and so then didn’t do it. First of all- what was happening, do you think, that caused you not to feel like it? How did you feel after you didn’t do it?

Or another scenario– you decided you were going to do something good for yourself- like take a day off, or go for a walk or really anything you can think of- what are some of those things for you? You say it, you even put it in your schedule. Then when the time comes, you don’t feel like it and you don’t do it. What was happening with you that caused you not to feel like it? How did you feel after you didn’t do it?

I believe there are a few keys here- one is to become aware of what is happening in your mind that stops you from following through when you don’t feel like it. Is it just a habit? Maybe. Are there similarities? Probably. Do you have a story you tell yourself about your ability to follow through, or about success and failure? Take some time to consider this.

Another key is that there are times when we just need to force ourselves to follow through. I know you know what I mean. Keep that commitment to yourself or to others. Get up and get moving. Finish that thing, start that thing. A lot of the time there is just no good reason not to.

The upsides to doing things even when you don’t feel like it are many. Even just getting the dishes washed, you gain a feeling of accomplishment. Following through gives you more confidence in yourself and you start to see that your mind might make a bigger deal of things than they actually are. On the other side of doing that thing you didn’t feel like doing, you get to feel good.

Your challenge this week as we go through Personal Reinvention Month at Kimberly DuBrul Coaching is this- notice the times when you think about ditching your plan, breaking a promise or otherwise not following through on something. Notice if there is a quick personal pay off.  (like you think it would be better for you.) Then start to formulate what you will tell yourself in these instances. “My personal integrity is important, so I will follow through.” “Freedom lies on the other side of this.” “I get to feel good when I do __________ because I committed to it.” These are just examples- what would you like to tell yourself?

And the challenge’s grand finale: follow through, even though you didn’t feel like it- as many times as it happens this week- and notice how you feel and how it affects your entire week. Have fun with this one! You get points just for noticing, building awareness and starting to think differently. You might just be creating a new superpower!

Until next week- keep adding life to your life!