I can’t think of much that takes more courage than to be honest with yourself. I honor all people who do the hard work of personal development and growth.

I have been privileged to work with so many great clients over the years who are doing this challenging work.

Personal Reinvention month is the perfect time to look at this. But first, get some good support around you. It is challenging, uncomfortable and can be very unsettling and emotional. Some people like to work through things on their own, but it always a good idea to have back up to talk through and process things.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I really focus on the positive. There is also great value in looking at what isn’t positive in order to create something better for you. This week I am focused on weaknesses and things about you that hold you back from living your very best life.

I suggest writing a lot in this process. Writing helps to get things out of you and will help you to sort through how you are feeling and why. Here are some good questions to get you started.

-What makes you feel uncomfortable?

-What about you makes it hard for people to connect with you?

-What might make others uncomfortable around you?

-What habits do you have that hurt you and maybe others?

-What mindsets, ways of thinking keep you disconnected from others?

-What mindsets keep you stuck and unhappy, but you are just too stubborn to give them up? (maybe being unnecessarily stubborn is one?!)

-What in your personality and way of being with others pushes them away?

-What is causing you to not have the relationships you desire?

You can only change and work on yourself. This is not about other people. Everyone has their “stuff”, be concerned with what yours is and spend your time working on that. It takes a lot of courage to really take a hard look at yourself and to make changes- I hope you will do it and I hope you will celebrate along the way.