We are over a third of the way through Personal Reinvention month at Kimberly DuBrul Coaching- if you’ve been in it with me, how are you doing? You can start today by reading the last two week’s posts and jumping right in!

I am doing a lot better than I thought I would- I had two personal reinvention initiatives this month- more rest and less phone/more reading. Thanks in part to Millie the Beagle who has decided she is ready for bed by 8:30, I am going to bed earlier than ever. So, my two initiatives are a great example of how one small change can lead to many others. Because I am going to bed earlier, it is a good time to put my phone aside and to read instead- this is what I call fulfilling one of my highest values.

Because I can not read for very long at night without falling asleep, I am turning the light out for sure by 9:30, but maybe even sooner. My alarm is set for 5:30 and I am having no trouble with getting going then if not before my alarm.

These small reinventions are making a big difference to me and are directly related to my overall wellbeing. I notice all of the energy I have all day long. I have more clarity and positivity, too.

Remember PERMAH– I wrote about this in 2022 for the whole month of May- the 6 domains of Wellbeing.

Positive emotion






Any small positive change you make in any of these areas is going to affect all of the others.

If you are having trouble sticking with your chosen reinvention, look to the area of meaning for some help. Ask yourself:

What’s important about reinventing this part of my life, or this particular thing?

What happens if I don’t do it?

If it’s compelling enough, you will stick with it- especially if you read your handwritten answers to these questions each and every morning. Strengths, skills, talents and values can all help to inform you on purpose and how your chosen reinvention fits into your life. They inform what you bring to the table- things that could help you to be successful as you continue to move forward.

And then look to accomplishment. Nothing is accomplished without action. Every day keep asking yourself:

What is my next, best right step to keep moving forward?

I also think I might be sleeping better because I am (mostly) staying off my phone from 8:00 on. I have helped myself to be successful by shutting down all of my apps and emails at 8:00. No blue light right before bed helps my brain to be relaxed and stay relaxed throughout the night.

Whatever it is you’re up to, keep going! If you get off track, congratulate yourself for noticing and then get right back on track.