Admittedly, I am creating my own, “I grew up in Vermont so it’s okay to do this” meaning of “Falling”- which in my context today means doing Fall with all of the bells and whistles! I will start there.

Think of all of the things that you know about fall, maybe even have experienced. I am going to encourage you to make a list and see how many you can check off in October. If you live somewhere where fall is really visible with the season change, you have more possibilities, possibly.

Let’s say you live somewhere that seasons do not change all that much, but you want to see the fall foliage. How might you still do that? Get creative! A virtual drive? Books? A friend in a foliage-full place who can take you there through FaceTime?

On my list I have long drives to three locations. I am drinking and eating most everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice I can find- I draw the line at Pumpkin Twinkies and anything packaged with preservatives. I love the smell of fall, so I am bundling up and working outside as much as possible. A lot of walks, especially near the lake, warm drinks, blankets, hunkering in, reading. Getting pumpkins for the front porch. The Shelburne Fire Department’s annual pancake breakfast is on the list. Parent’s weekend at college which will make for another beautiful foliage ride. Oh and let’s’ not forget apple pie and apple crisp- warm with ice cream. Apple picking, maybe a hayride.

What is happening around you? I would love to hear your ideas.

I have another angle of “Falling” for you- it is about the other things like- letting go of a lot of commitments and saying yes to less. Letting things fall away for a bit. Go with the season and let go like the trees with their leaves. As humans we can think biomimicry– we talk about this a lot in the reinvention world- following nature’s lead. Following the season’s lead. Wind down a bit, but not completely. Yet. 

Let your things fall away, too. We think of spring cleaning, however I believe that right now is the perfect time to let things go from your home and other spaces. Ask yourself “has it served its purpose in my life?” and “what is important about keeping this?” and “who could benefit from this more than I do right now?” 

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to letting some things go because I paid a lot of money for them. The mindset of thinking that maybe I bought these things for whoever was supposed to get them from me, gives me a lot of comfort in being able to release things.

I remember letting go of a fancy dress I truly loved. It had more than served its purpose for me. I was able to let it go. I would not have been able to let it go if I used the question- “does it bring me joy?” as is popular to ask these days via Marie Kondo- because yes, it did still bring me joy. As it turned out, I gave it to my sister to put in her shop in the small town she lives in. She put it in the window and the Mayor’s wife came in and it was perfect for her to wear to a big event she was going to.

No matter what, creating space, lightening your load- with time and actual physical space creates energy. Energy you can use for all of the other things you want in your life. Enjoying the fun things of the season also creates energy.

Do you want to create something?  Maybe increase your physical health? Try out for a show? Read more books? What else? Your stuff and your busyness keeps you from those things.

So “Falling” is real. And productive, while soul filling all at the same time!

If you have been working on your personal reinvention over the past few weeks, this idea may be a great add on to continue your progress. If you don’t know what I am talking about- read all of the blog posts from September 2023. I guided people through a whole month of Personal Reinvention through blog posts and worksheet that were both inspiring and motivational. If you would like access to the worksheets, please email me!

Thank you for reading! Happy October, happy Fall, happy fourth quarter. Make yourself proud with whatever you decide to you with this time.