Happiness Triggers- What Are Yours?

We can tend to think of triggers as a negative thing- we mostly hear about them in association with stress and trauma from the past. But there are good triggers, too! Happiness Triggers alert your brain in the same way, but in a good way- a happy way. We all have these triggers. As with … Continued

Freedom and Magnanimity

This weekend, not surprisingly, makes me think a lot about freedom. My head always tends to go to the freedom that we have inside of ourselves. Things like, you can’t control your first thought, but you can control every thought thereafter. Or the only thing we can truly control and have freedom with is what … Continued

One Step Beyond

One step beyond your comfort zone. That is where growth happens. After reading David Goggin’s book Can’t Hurt me I have thought a lot about this. He has done some crazy to me things in his life- and continues to- and though I am not about to go out and do the things he has … Continued