We can tend to think of triggers as a negative thing- we mostly hear about them in association with stress and trauma from the past.

But there are good triggers, too! Happiness Triggers alert your brain in the same way, but in a good way- a happy way. We all have these triggers. As with anything, cultivating them and using them on purpose is the key. They are happening for you regardless of whether or not you notice, but when you do pay conscious attention and go to them on purpose you will now have a better control of your CHOICE to be happy and joyful.

Yes, happiness is a choice.

Take out a blank paper and pen and start to take note of all of the things, people. places, activities, experiences, music, classes, meditations, even the things you utilize in your every day life that bring happy feelings to you.

Yes, even your shampoo can be a happiness trigger.

Here’s a list of possible happiness triggers to get you thinking:

-Looking forward to something.                            -Being focused or in flow on an experience or project.

-Savoring something.                                           -Being financially sound or working toward it.

-Being grounded in your purpose and acting on it.

-Reflecting/speaking positive words about yourself and others.

-Connecting with others in positive ways.             -Rest and relaxation. (planned ahead, boosts the first point!)

-Spiritual faith.                                                       -Acts of service toward others.

-Playing, as an adult- games, engaging in humor, having fun!

-Exercise, dancing, moving your body.

-Smiling- even if you don’t feel like it, it works! (Not meant as a cover up, though.) Smile at yourself!

-Gratitude- my favorite of all. No matter what our circumstances, as human beings we are wired to see what is good even when it is hard. Practicing gratitude is a habit and can be learned by anyone. The benefits are endless and certainly breed feelings of happiness.

-Products and things you use in your life- including services.

-Enjoying events alone or with others- food, concerts, shows.

-Music (put together with dancing for a double happiness whammy!)

What else would you add?

Check out Valorie Burton’s book Happy Women Live Better- and men can read it, too! We ALL have happiness triggers!

Each Sunday as you plan your week (highly recommended) check your list of happiness triggers to make sure they are going to be in play during the week ahead. Being purposeful in your planning and goal setting will help you to flourish each day. Some will be daily, some planned for the future. Intention is the key.

Also, as you go through the week, notice when those feelings of happiness show up and note what is happening. Keep adding to your list.

And if you feel stuck or down, this list is your go to for a turn around. Don’t neglect how you’re feeling, take some time with it, but just don’t get stuck there.

Keep your list handy! You will have an easier time staying intentional when you know where your list is. Have a written list, take a picture to keep on your phone and maybe even hang up a copy. This way you always have easy access and can stay on track.

You CAN trigger your happiness! Make this a habit and you will start to notice big changes in your enjoyment of life, as well as your results.