This weekend, not surprisingly, makes me think a lot about freedom. My head always tends to go to the freedom that we have inside of ourselves. Things like, you can’t control your first thought, but you can control every thought thereafter. Or the only thing we can truly control and have freedom with is what goes on in our minds. It is just the coach in me.

It’s an apt time, given our world and lives currently, to get stronger at recognizing what we do have control over and to spend some time there. From that place we regain and strengthen our personal power. Focusing on our strengths and putting them to work ON PURPOSE to make our lives better and also those around us.

Way back in January I made a list of the monthly themes I wanted to express throughout the year. When I found myself writing the word magnanimous for July, I was really curious about how that would fit together.

One of the definitions of magnanimous is generous or forgiving– especially toward someone whom might be more difficult to be so- a rival or a less powerful person.

What does it mean to be a magnanimous person? Merriam-Webster offered this description- the word has Latin roots and when broken down it means soul or spirit and great- so basically it means “greatness of spirit.” It is the opposite of pettiness. A truly magnanimous person can lose without complaining and will without gloating.

We have the freedom to be that magnanimous person in someone else’s life. It’s one of those things that also benefits the giver of magnanimity. We don’t do it for that reason, but that is one of the outcomes- you get to feel good.

Going into July with summer vibes, it can be a great month to experiment with just letting things go. Once again, focus on what matters, what TRULY matters. Notice how you might block your own happiness and enjoyment of life by holding onto the things you do. And the personal freedom you reap when you let things go.

Maybe just for the month. Try it out. See how it goes.

When something comes up that you want to dig your heels in about- ask yourself “how important is it?” and maybe exercise your freedom to let it go. If it is important ask yourself “What is the next best step I can take to take care of myself and then to make a difference in this situation?” 

We tend to think of freedom in terms of getting what we want- I want what I want. But there is true freedom in recognizing what is under our control and what isn’t.

First and foremost this month- take care of yourself and use these summer vibes to strengthen yourself so that you can be at your optimal best in all situations.

Maybe give yourself a break. Come back to everything renewed. Be magnanimous with yourself.

PS I took the featured photo at Lake Winnipesaukee in NH while on my mid year retreat. More about my retreat next week!