Perspective comes in so many forms- and as we get closer to the mid point of the year it feels like, to me, a great time to think about perspective.

Next week I am going to guide you through a mid year reflection, but for now, lets’ get warmed up to use by reviewing what perspective is all about and why it is important.

Using the strength of perspective allows you to zoom out and see the bigger picture. So often we get stuck in tunnel vision and miss a lot of details. One of the things I have been talking with clients about this week is zooming out to really fully recognize and embrace who you are in the framework of the work you do or within the groups you are a part of. It takes a lot of courage to honestly look at how you are impacting the whole.

First take the time to recognize how important your piece is to the whole. Without you, a step in the process would be missing creating a situation where services or products are not delivered or the are sub-quality. Are you the person that responds when people reach out to you? Can people count on you to do your part so that you are not holding others up by not responding, not focusing or over- promising. It’s great to look honestly at this without making excuses. It is easy to make excuses- we are all busy and we all have life circumstances going on. When we utilize perspective, we start to look at everyone else as a person, too, and realizing that they may have something going on in their life.

Once you gain a bigger perspective, not you can ask some quality questions- and become a real part of the solution.

Start to wake up and recognize how your moods, emotions, responses, questions and energy affect others. how are you showing up? How are you impacting others? It is NOT up to others to adapt to you. They will either enjoy being around you and working with you or they won’t. Which do you prefer?

And don’t say you don’t care because that is just foolishness as my friend LaFern would say.

If you are stuck in a rut seeing things the same old way, take Dr. Wayne Dyer’s advice and “change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” You have so much power over this ability to reinvent your perspective. There is a lot of goodness there for others when you do- but it is also there for you, too.