Haha!!  I am laughing as I write that title- reading is life- might seem like a stretch, but after all I have learned in the study of reinvention- doing things that add life to your life, this is NOT an understatement for me! Reading has been important to me since my earliest years and continues to this day. Reading adds life to my life.

If you have been following along with me for any length of time you might have picked up on my love of books. Because my annual summer reading contest has just kicked off, I felt inspired to share some of the benefits of reading and some of the practices that help me to read as much as I do.

Reading exercises your brain. This build creativity which will benefit you in all areas of your life. Reading makes you think and you may continue to reflect on a book you’ve finished for quite some time afterward!

Reading is entertaining and stress relieving. Research shows that people who read at bedtime have an easier time unwinding and falling asleep.

Reading provides learning- even fiction! When we read fiction we get to experience new experiences and places we haven’t been. I also love reading books set in Vermont or in places I have been- I get to relive my memories or feel extra connected to the story.

Reading increases your vocabulary- and may help you with Worldle because of it!

Reading is good for strengthening your memory.

Reading gives you great conversation starters! Now that we are going to things again, we will have something to talk about!

Reading has been show to increase empathy.

I am often asked- how do you read so much? I used to be a very slow reader, but as I read more books and read consistently I began to to read faster, too. It is like building a muscle, the more you workout, the stronger and faster you will be.

I recommend getting your reading in your schedule. Make a plan, an appointment with yourself. Every so often on a weekend I will just have a reading day where I have nothing else on my list. I always read before bed- sometimes 2 words, 2 pages and sometimes 20- depending upon how tired I am!

This post would not be complete without mentioning other ways to read books. Let’s just be clear- I love REAL books, I love to hold a real book in my hands. I tried digital and I just didn’t enjoy it. I also love to build my library. Many of my friends love digital and borrow from the public library. There is no right way- do what works best for you! The point is to read.

For many years I really was against “reading” audio books, but have come to love it. Especially if it is an autobiography read by the author. I love hearing them tell their own stories. I never listen to music in my car anymore- I always have a book going while I drive! Audible is my listening choice. I just signed my son up for his own account so he can start building his own library for life.

I hope that you might be encouraged to get to some reading this week! Maybe pulling out an old favorite- read again at a different time of life it can mean something totally new to you! Enjoy!

Remember it has also been said, readers are leaders!