What’s Important About Reading?

It’s time for 2023 Summer reading– one of my favorite times of the year! I like to take this opportunity to remind and reflect on the importance of reading- both fiction and non-fiction. Most people I talk to lean one way or the other on the type of books they like to read. I love … Continued

Reading is Life! (and has benefits!)

Haha!!  I am laughing as I write that title- reading is life- might seem like a stretch, but after all I have learned in the study of reinvention- doing things that add life to your life, this is NOT an understatement for me! Reading has been important to me since my earliest years and continues … Continued

Ignite Your Reading Habit this Summer!

Here it is! One of my favorite times of the year! Summer reading season! I tend to go heavy on fiction in the Summer, yet I am still inclined to continue some inner learning. I am excited share what I have decided to read during Summer 2021! I’ll start with fiction- I have so many … Continued