It’s time for 2023 Summer reading– one of my favorite times of the year!

I like to take this opportunity to remind and reflect on the importance of reading- both fiction and non-fiction.

Most people I talk to lean one way or the other on the type of books they like to read. I love both fiction and non-fiction and my summer reading list contains plenty of both. (sign up to receive my newsletter to see the whole list in the next week.)

I read these books because I enjoy them, and beyond that there are many important benefits to reading.

Reading non-fiction actually introduces us to new concepts, ways of thinking, you may become more open minded or develop a growth mindset. Reading biographies are inspiring and you can learn from the successes and learnings of others. We can increase creativity, as well.

When reading we can increase empathy, critical thinking and strategizing, stress reduction can happen. For brain health, memory can be improved, problem solving abilities and we learn more language. Continuous learning, which happens in all reading, helps us to keep growing the pathways in our brain which has countless benefits to us. In reading fiction we are really called to use our imagination which also fuels our creativity.

To hear how I get my reading done, check out my YouTube Channel- and my latest video will also be included in my Sunday newsletter.

I will also mention listening to books which I used to be against, but have grown to love– especially listening to books read by the author themselves.

What will you be reading this summer?