It is such a great time of year to reflect on the what we have experienced so far in 2023. It is always a great time to reflect on life as a whole.

With the presence of spring and soon to be summer it can also be a good time to shake things up a bit. We can all get stuck in routines for too long and they become like the wallpaper we eventually fail to notice even though we loved it. We get on autopilot. Don’t get me wrong- a love a good routine almost more than anything! But we can stay in one too rigidly for too long and fail to live life to the fullest, missing what else might be possible.

I recommend people shake up their routines every so often- even if you go back– it is important for our minds, bodies and souls to have a refresh, a wake up and to elevate our thinking and doing.

This week I challenge you to do one thing in a different way or to try something you haven’t. Especially if there is something you have been wanting to try but just haven’t done so YET!

Yes, even taking a different route or direction on your walk or drive to a habitual place counts!

If you always use one product, try another. If you always eat the same thing for breakfast, choose something out of the ordinary. If you always do your morning routine in a certain order, mix it up to see what that is like. I usually meditate, write and then workout. I am currently working on workout, write, meditate. It is not easy to change these well established routines, but I recently read of many benefits of exercising first, including lowering your cortisol first thing in the morning when it is the highest.

If you only read a certain type of book, read something else. Change the type of show you watch, or decide to read instead of tv. Turn your phone off at 8:00- that is another one I just set into place- again!

The sky is the limit for things you can do. Did I mention this is good, no great for your brain? Talk about anti aging from the inside out.

In my newsletter this week I am going to share a few other ideas around thinking differently and more, so please go from this page to my home page, scroll down to sign up if you haven’t already! Go do something different!